Panther has been adopted!

By Tris and family who live in a condo on Sentosa. They moved to Singapore from the UK recently with their 14-year-old cat Cleo and have been discussing plans to adopt a kitten since Christmas last year. Cleo has been around the world with the family – they bring their cat wherever they move to – and is also a black cat like Panther.

Back in the UK, Cleo was a cat with outdoor access, but since the family has moved to Singapore, they maintain a strictly-indoor policy, blocking off all access points so that their cat won’t run out or climb through a window.

The family will be in Singapore for quite a while, so Panther will be spending the rest of his kittenhood in Singapore.

Panther immediately became his cute self when being cuddled by the kids, snuggling into them and suckling on their clothes. He definitely fell in love with his two new human sisters, and was reciprocated with lots of fawning over and cuddling.

The family will be bringing Panther for his first vet checkup once he settles into his new home, also to schedule his upcoming booster jabs, next deworming and such.

Here is a picture of the family – Daddy Shawn was holding the cat-necessities – and that blob of fur on Mommy Tris being Panther baby!

We are happy for Panther, now a Sentosa cat!

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