Patty, rescued 5 week old kitten

Last night we had a newcomer to our foster home. Patty was found by Patricia and Tyler near their workplace, her paw caught in between some metal bars, stuck and meowing for help. They extricated Patty’s paw, and thereafter tried to find her mother or siblings, but none were to be found, not even in the vicinity. They bought some food to feed Patty and then brought her over to us.

Patty is 5 weeks old and healthy, no fleas (she just got a flea shampoo shower in the pictures above), and she will be dewormed today. She isn’t very greedy, but looks well-fed on mother’s milk. She is turning out to be a vocal and playful kitten, and is in love with Panda‘s toy as they now share a pen. She will be available for adoption really soon!

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