rescued mixed-Persian kitten – Phoenix – rehabiliating at our Love Kuching foster home

When we went down to the Bendemeer construction site on Tuesday, not only did we run into the feeders to get them on board with our TNRM tonight, we also rescued a sick kitty whom we have named Phoenix.

Phoenix is very skinny, and having teary eyes. She is now on Vibravet antibiotics and Ilium Opticin eye medication twice a day. She is also on lysine and vitamins to help her recover and boost her initially poor appetite. She is also on acidophilus. She is now eating better, and her eyes are less teary. She will continue to be on antibiotics till Saturday. She also needs to put on some weight. We dewormed her yesterday. 

Phoenix is likely cross-Persian – she has long fur, and shares Persian personality traits – quiet, easy-going, not that into climbing and such, quiet meows, enjoys lounging around more than playing.

She will only be available for adoption once she has regained full health.

As you can see from the pictures she still doesn’t look too well. We hope she recovers soon! She will make a great pet cat for a deserving family.

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