socialisation and progress of Cassie, Dusky and Moby

These three kitties are healthy and are now going through socialisation – a longer process for older kittens (they are 8-12 weeks old).

Cassie has low self-esteem and separation anxiety issues. She still hisses at us, but actually really enjoys cuddles and attention. She needs to gain more confidence to become a good house pet when adopted. So we spend time carrying her, talking to her and showing her that we will be around to feed her. She also enjoys spending time with Panda. Panda has learnt a lot from her, like how to drink water on his own and eat dry kibbles, which Cassie has come to enjoy on its own. Cassie is really a lap-cat at heart. She has come quite far health wise. She was found so skinny, but is now nice and chubby. She had bad diarrhoea after deworming,  completed a short course of Bactrim antibiotics and is currently pooing nicely. Now she just needs more human contact to cross into the last lap to be fully ready for adoption.

Dusky is turning out to be a greedy cat! She enjoys the canned food we put out for them, usually eating alongside Panda. She is also shy, like Cassie, but hisses less. Nonetheless it means she needs more cuddles too, like Cassie. She is quite a quiet cat, and sweet-natured.

Moby had some adult cat socialisation time today. He got to know Scooter, who is our unofficial ‘small kitten’ I/C – he loves kittens that he can play with and teach the tricks of being a playful cat. Here are some pictures of Moby hanging out with Scooter on our cat condo –

Moby is the most confident among the three older foster kittens we have now, and will soon be ready to free-roam around the house. He loves sleeping a lot, and isn’t very greedy even though he is nice and chubby.

All three of them are being put on Revolution Pink donated by our sponsor The Water Dish tomorrow. Once all three are well-socialised and their health confirmed to be stable, they will be more than ready for adoption!

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