Tipsy, rescued by 11-year-old Shaivi from The Waterside condo

Shaivi and her sister found Tipsy, alone by himself without a mother, near their house in Tanjong Rhu. They brought him home and wanted to keep him, and their Dad, Vin, went about researching – the family was moving to Vietnam for a couple of years by the end of August. It turns out that airlines do not permit the carriage of cats below 6 months of age. So Tipsy, while everyone wanted him to be a part of the family, had to stay in Singapore.

When they first rescued Tipsy, Vin brought him to the vet for a checkup. There, Vin shared with Dr Dawn Chong that Tipsy needed to be rehomed, and asked Dr Chong for advice. Dr Chong recommended Love Kuching to Vin, and he contacted us.

Last night, Vin and Shaivi came to our foster home with Tipsy, and Tipsy is now Panda‘s pen-mate, getting along really well together.

Tipsy in our kitten pen

Tipsy is 5 weeks old, and has the breed characteristics of a Chocolate Tonkinese – with chocolate colourpoints and chocolate-tabby markings. Tonkinese are crosses between Siamese and Burmese pedigrees. He has white ankle socks, and is stocky in size.

His Chocolate colourpoints

Tipsy is a really greedy, active cat that gets along well with kittens his age. He is very independent, does not like to share very much, and tends to be the dominant in personality, true to his lineage. He loves to climb, play roughhouse, and explore.

Tipsy loves to climb onto high places, like our hammock

Tipsy is healthy, dewormed and currently on a diet of Natural Balance and Solid Gold Indigo Moon. To arrange to visit and adopt Tipsy, please see right side-bar for adoption information and contact details.

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