TNRM – Bendemeer – funds raised!

Update 6 Aug 2010: We have raised the funds! The additional funds were donated by @Weiru, @d3stinee, Randy, and Chris. Any excess funds not used for the 2nd round of neutering at Bendemeer on 10 Aug Tuesday will be directed towards our next TNRM project in Ubi.

First, the urgent news. There are not 12 cats, but 21 cats to neuter at the Bendemeer Road construction site.

We trapped 9 tonight, mostly female. Upon calculation, given our current sterilisation fund is $800, we need to raise at least $425 more. We will be trapping the remaining 12 cats next Tuesday 10 August at 8pm. This means we need to raise this extra $425 by Thursday latest. We need your help.

For tonight, we met the feeders of the Bendemeer Rd construction site colony of stray cat at 8pm together with Damy to conduct the trapping for neutering of the colony there. We managed to trap 9 cats, some tame ones by hand with the help of the feeders, others by trap.

Because the cats were gathered very closely together, we used blankets to cover the traps so that other cats will not get alarmed when one of their kitty friends enters and closes the trap door. This method works well for cat colonies that are very communal and gather densely together.

We talked to the feeders more tonight, and they will be joining us for the return of the 9 cats – to the new site, 4 point blocks across the road under Jalan Besar GRC. They will be feeding the cats there upon their release so that the cats know that the new place is their new feeding ground and they will recognise their feeders with their bowls and food. Here is a map of where we are moving the sterilised cats to –

X is where the construction site is. The red circle is the relocation site.

Next Tuesday, we plan to trap for sterilising the remaining 12 cats.

As for the kittens, we can rescue, rehabilitate and re-home one or two of the tame ones.Most are Phoenix‘s age. Some are very feral. The rest of them shall have to stay at the construction site. The feeders will still be feeding at the site. We will have to conduct another TNRM when the kittens there mature.

The feeders recounted to us that many cats have injured or died from traffic accidents at this construction site, owing to the high-speed traffic coming from the PIE filter lane towards Bendemeer Road. They have buried a lot of cats’ bodies in the grass patch outside the construction site.

For the 9 we trapped tonight, unfortunately (our camera is broken and we haven’t yet got a donation of another digital camera) Andy’s phone camera malfunctioned and could not capture all 9 pictures of each cat, only 8. We will post the vet bill of the 9 cats that will be neutered tomorrow morning to account for the cat-count. Here are the pics of the 8 out of 9 cats that we trapped tonight –

We need your help in raising the $425 remaining funds needed for the 12 cats left to neuter and relocate from this Bendemeer construction site. Any amount will do. To donate, our Love Kuching account number is POSB Savings 188-52652-7. SMS Elaine at 90880675 to indicate your donation is for the sterilisation of the Bendemeer construction site cats.

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  • Edmond, you played a big part too! If it wasn't for you, we won't have found out about this colony of cats' urgent needs.

    When the feeders were there, more cats came out than those we initially saw. And the opposite bushes – there are 5 there. We are going to sterilise and relocate them too.

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