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TNRM – the humane way to control and protect feline urban wildlife, as advocated by Cat Welfare Society.

At Love Kuching Project we have been conducting TNRM in locales near us (we are in Ubi) on average of one TNRM project a month since March 2010. Prior to that, we focused on TNRM within Ubi, helping the various caregivers that take care of the cats in different zone within Ubi – but most of the cat-patrons are doing well on their own conducting TNRM – kudos to them. We last did a reconnaissance within Ubi on Saturday, noting that the cats within each Ubi cat-zone are neutered tipped-ear. From time to time we will still conduct Ubi-wide TNRM when the population of un-neutered cats goes on the rise. As of now, TNRM is well taken care of by the various cat-zone caregivers.

So that leaves us with cat colonies beyond our own neighbourhood. We have gone to Upper Boon Keng, Joo Chiat Complex, Geylang Serai, Bendemeer. We want to maintain our monthly mission of conducting TNRM cat colonies that need help, such as colonies where –

  • There is a cat feeder who does not sterilise the cats due to financial difficulty
  • There is a cat feeder who does not sterilise the cats due to lack of education
  • There is a cat feeder who does sterilise the cats but is unable to cope due to a sudden rise in stray cats in the colony or there are simply too many cats for one cat feeder to sterilise. This number usually runs between 7 to 30 cats at one location.
  • There is no regular cat feeder and thus no sterilisation being done
  • The cats are at urgent risk of being culled if not sterilised 

If you live or work in an area near us and notice that the care of the stray cats in that area fall into any of these categories, give us a call or email us – we want to help. Our help will include the following:

  • Reconnaissance – going to the ground to count the cats and reaching out to the cat feeders if any
  • Fund-raising according to the number of cats that need to be sterilised
  • Planning and administrating the trapping schedule via Damy
  • Feeding the cats prior to the trapping dates to familiarise them with us
  • Overseeing the trapping itself
  • Accounting the use of funds to the donors who contributed financially

Our only request is that the area you wish us to help in be geographically near us – as Andy and I have no transport. Also, do note that we wish to help the dire cases, not colonies that are already well cared for by dedicated caregivers where TNRM is being done well and regularly. You, our reader, are our eyes on the ground in identifying stray cat colonies that do need help in areas beyond Ubi.

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