Adopt: Kirin, Orion and Sapporo

The 3 boys we rescued from a pest control company in Ubi are ready for new homes! They are a bunch of purring machines who love to play, totally outgoing with humans and unafraid of strangers, eat gratefully – and greedily! – and enjoy other cats’ companionship, both young and old. All three are litter trained, able to eat dry food and drink water on their own, recovered fully from their flu’ and completed their course of antibiotics, and have been dewormed.

“Hmm? What’s down there, bros?”

Kirin is about 10 weeks old, a silver and black mackeral and classic tabby boy with a mid-length tail-

He loves nose-kisses! –

Sapporo is a gentle boy, about 12 weeks old, white and tabby in colour with a long tail. He loves to play catching with the others and is more a runner than a climber. We love his chubby-tubby look and he is a natural peace-loving kitty. He will look for you for pats and stroking and cuddles, and won’t blame you if you don’t have the time for it either. As we said – peace-loving!

His conjunctivitis took the longest to heal, but he is now totally a-ok! Here is another picture from when he was just rescued (with Kirin behind him) eyes still red from flu’ –

Orion is the most playful of the lot, about 10 weeks of age, white with black. He loves to climb, can hardly ever sit still for long and when he plays, he pants as if to say, “Awesome, dude!” Yet he understands what “No” means and will stop pawing on things he shouldn’t once he is told. He is also a purring machine as all three of them are.

He has the natural pai-kia look (photo taken when he still had the flu’) –

Yet he is very affectionate at the same time, the same as Kirin and Sapporo, always wanting to be pet, stroked and to have play-time together.

The boys can be adopted singly or together. To adopt, see right side bar on adoption information. Contact us with answers to our questionnaire and we can set about making an appointment for you to visit the kittens at our foster home. The boys love visitors!

See videos of the boys here.

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