Lassie is ready for adoption!

When she first arrived she was still 3 weeks old and didn’t know how to eat solid food. We fed her milk using a bottle, and slowly weaned her on to solid food, Natural Balance canned food at first, then mixed with some moistened kibbles of Solid Gold Indigo Moon.

Now, when fed only moistened kibbles, she eats it too! We had reduced her bottle-feeding to once a day, and finally for the past 3 days she hasn’t needed the bottle at all. We now put her supplements inside her food, and she is eating well – and growing! We just gave her her 4-week-old deworming dose today. She already knows how to use the litter tray too!

She did have a short bout of the flu‘ when she first arrived, but it lasted only for a day or so, with some eye medication and cleaning away of eye discharge, Lysine and vitamins and colostrum in her milk, she recovered quickly.

She is now super active, and loves to make friends and scurry around exploring. Here is a video of her around our kitchen, together with Cassie, Dusky and our Sayang.

She is a really active and vocal girl, loves to run around, loves attention and can play either alone or with friends. If you would like to adopt Lassie, do see right side bar on adoption information and contact details.

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