Adopt – rescued cat by Philemon – Good Boy the abused tabby cat

Dear Elaine

Good Boy was found as a stray cat at Tampines St 21, now 5½ months old.

I found Good Boy covered with superglue on legs and underside of body about a month ago and he had extreme difficulty walking to even get food from me. He was brought home and my friend and I had the superglue removed from his body, only to discover his body was already with oozing with pus.

Good Boy was treated with antibiotics at the vet and nursed for till the full recovery. Good Boy is now sterilised. Since the time we had nursed him, we found Good Boy an extremely loving cat, can be carried and cuddled.

A few days ago we wanted to release him into the void deck of Tamp St 22 but he seemed extremely frightened, hesitant about being released and was shaking.

He is currently being boarded at my neighbour’s house and is in need of a good home. To arrange a visit to adopt Good Boy, please contact me, Philemon at Tel No: 9022 3363.

Regards Philemon

Philemon was the caregiver who had sought adopters for Kitty and Belle via our blog last month. Kitty and Belle have since been adopted.

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