Appeal on behalf of Bobby, Gentle Paws shelter rescued dog

Dear all,

This is an appeal for contributions to help to pay for Bobby’s medical bill of $2948 incurred so far. He is scheduled to go back for more injections and follow-ups at the vet.

Bobby was diagnosed with heartworm, hospitalised and was scheduled to go for an operation. However the op was aborted shortly after it started. It was found that Bobby’s valves were blocked to the extent that the vet’s forceps could not be inserted to remove the heartworms as planned. Instead, the vet tapped Bobby’s abdomen and drained over 10 litres of fluid from him. Bobby has to be on heartworm medicine for the rest of his life. He also has to undergo the draining process twice a week. His kidney was found to be weak and he will require kidney supplements.

Bobby’s story can be found here and here.

We sincerely hope you can help with Bobby’s medical bill as the dogs at the shelter depends solely on volunteers and contributions to fund the shelter.
Please transfer to POSB savings 126-840390 if you can and drop us an email at thereafter with the details of your transfer so that we can validate and take note. Any amount is greatly appreciated and no amount is ever too small for us. Please let us know if you wish to have a look at the bill for any clarification as well.

Bobby is 1 of the oldest boys who stayed at a shelter ever since he was a young dog for about coming to 10 years. During the first 8-9 years of his life as a shelter dog, he never got the chance to step out of shelter, never got to smell the earth & grass. Because little was known about him, he got very uptight when there were visits from unfamiliar faces especially those who wear spectacles. It was suspected that he could have been abused by his ex-owner who was bespectacled. However, as time went by, Bobby learned to trust humans again and even got the chance to step on the moist soil that he was so deprived of. I got the chance to bring him for his first walk ever out of shelter last year and it is very difficult till today to forget how he was so happy with simple and probably insignificant things to you & me like little wild flowers and the different types of grass by the roadside. His tail wagged so excitedly when he tried to play with the flowers, smelling and touching them with his paws. From then on, Bobby looks forward to walks whenever there are volunteers around. Sometimes he would quietly come up to volunteers and rub them with his head to ask for a pat.

This was Bobby last year.

Thanks once again for reading and please help us with this appeal.

On behalf of GentlePaws

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