Cassie has been adopted by @kstride27 & @mjreynolds82

Karla and Mark, who moved here from the UK, now living in Tampines, adopted Cassie last night!

Before they arrived to visit, we had a long chat with Karla on their answers to our adopters’ questionnaire. We love how much they were invested in the care of their soon to be pet cat, they even bought an aircraft approved pet carrier because they might be moving back to the UK in a few years. Cassie’s story (and her pretty looks!) really touched their hearts.

Cassie, being the shy girl, took a while to rear her head and come out to see them, but eventually she regained her newfound confidence and came out to eat and play in the foster lounge where we took out the toys and laid a bowl of Addiction King Salmon canned food.

We laid her new carrier which Mark and Karla bought (IATA approved for flight carrier! Cassie might be in London some day!) with a pee pad sprayed with catnip, and sprinkled some dried catnip inside too. Cassie is one of those cats that calms down with catnip it seems! She readily went inside her carrier and calmed down, poising herself to go to her new home. 

Mark and Karla really enjoyed their visit to our foster home and we and the cats enjoyed their company a lot. We are glad that Cassie is now with them and has become part of a family!

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