Helga has been hospitalised

Since Helga hasn’t been eating the past 4 days, we brought her to the vet this morning as soon as it was opened. Had a feeling she might need to get put on drip, and it was confirmed when that was exactly what Dr Dawn Chong suggested. A more conservative way would have been to administer sub-cutaneous injections for her at home but with Helga having not eaten for so many days, we opted for the hospitalisation.

She should be discharged tomorrow if she starts eating, else another day extra.

Here is today’s vet bill for one day of hospitalisation and IV, more payable if she has to stay an extra day –


Also, Dr Chong advises that we start Helga on sub-cutaneous injections at home about 2 to 3 times weekly from now on, just as maintenance, and especially when she is not eating. Catherine will be donating us the necessary equipment (saline, needles etc.) for Helga’s SC injections.

Latest update: Helga has started eating at the clinic. They fed her the Science Diet Renal canned food K/D and she responded by eating it. Will be ordering that for her to stock up on too. She is definitely ready to be discharged tomorrow.

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