house-training and socialising Cassie

As you know Cassie is rather shy but now that we have fewer foster cats to care for we have been spending more time with her.

We managed to coax her out of the kitten play to free-roam, eat at our cats’ feeding station, encouraging her to roam the whole house. It took patience and lots of “Good girl Cassie” and strokes and cuddles, but she finally learned to eat from our cats’ bowl of Taste of the Wild kibbles, and drink from our cats’ water fountain.

When not horsing around with Dusky – which they do like crazy, where Dusky takes the lead on adventures around the house – Cassie will lounge around the living room.

She has become so much less shy now, she is an amazing girl. When we cuddle her, she purrs non-stop as if telling us, “Don’t let me go… I need love.”

Her health is now in great condition after her rehabilitation. Cassie needs an owner who is patient with her shyness – with patience and coaxing, she will grow up to be even more confident than she is now. She is a total lap-cat, can sit on our laps and loves hugs, cuddles and kisses a real lot, so an equally affectionate owner will be great for her. To adopt Cassie, do read right side bar for adoption information and contact details.

She is a 3 month old calico with a bob-tail (exactly like the Japanese bob-tail) and pink nose-leather.

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