IAMS dry cat food recall for salmonella contamination

If you are feeding IAMS to your cat, stop now.

P&G has recalled IAMS for suspected salmonella contamination last month. Salmonella poisoning is zoonotic, meaning it can also spread to humans. However, many pet stores are still selling it. Please do not feed IAMS during this recall. If you are already feeding IAMS, throw the remaining food away to avoid further poisoning your cat, and switch to a brand that has not been recalled.

IAMS has also previously been in the news for testing on lab animals instead of conducting voluntary trials as market research. They have since changed some of their lab testing procedures and have reduced usage laboratory kept cats as experiments, and changed their name from Eukanuba to IAMS to re-brand their image because of the outrage of animal welfare activists.

If your budget is in the price range of IAMS, here are some formulas you can switch to that will cost around the same:

If you can stretch your budget further for the health of your cats, opt for a grain-free dry food, such as Solid Gold Indigo Moon which we feed the foster cats with at Love Kuching, or Taste of the Wild which our own cats are eating. It costs around the same in the long run because these are high protein formulas, which means your cat needs to eat less in order to feel full, so kibble consumption in the household will be reduced.

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