Jalan Ismail TNRM – complete

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With round 2 conducted on Sunday 26 September, we have sterilised a total of 15 stray cats at the Jalan Ismail private estate.

(Unfortunately we have no mug shots of the 5 cats trapped on 26 Sept as I was ill and unable to be present. We have the receipts though, of both rounds of sterilisation.)

Round 1 – 10 cats – 19 Sept

Round 2 – 5 cats – 26 Sept

Both bills are for sterilisation only; expenses also need to be included for trapping/transport of $70 per round, and $5 boarding expenses for the 15 cats pre- and post-surgery.

For Round 2, the cat-feeder of Jalan Ismail managed to raise the total of $300 through her neighbours and friends. So Round 2, which cost $295 inclusive of transport and boarding, cost $295, and was paid for by the cat-feeder! Which means we have residual funds in our Sterilisation Fund to conduct our next TNRM!

Thank you to those who have previously contributed to our Sterilisation Fund and onward we will go towards more TNRM projects in our vicinity!

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