latest update on our foster cats

Kirin, Sapporo and Orion are gonna complete their Vibravet antibiotics soon! – last dose tomorrow.

Here are some pics of them, the boisterous lot –

Orion, the super active boy who is now beginning to purr more when we approach him
Sapporo, the gentle boy whose conjunctivitis is improving much
Kirin, the manja-pot who seems to love the camera this much!

Lassie, is now plump and has learned to eat more and more canned food, and now even moistened kibbles! We are now limiting her milk intake to once a day, fortified with vitamins, lysine, probiotics and colostrum to make sure her mild bout of flu’ stays at bay. So far so good! She is getting more active and when the Kirin and brothers get well she can start to hang out with them, she is so bored being quarantined away from the other cats because they have the flu’. We try to let her out sometimes but are wary that she may catch the flu’ from Orion et al, and sanitise our hands and the foster lounge like crazy, since she is still young and may fall ill easily.

Lassie in her pen complete with litter tray which she knows how to use, pillow and toys, and her dish of food

Cassie was just given her 12-weeks-old deworming dose yesterday and she seems to be doing fine – no post-deworming diarrhoea like the last time. She has now safely passed into the safe age – kittens below 12 weeks of age have a mortality rate of 20-40%. She is always in cahoots with Dusky and of on adventures with her. Dusky has finally stopped her pooing-in-weird-corners of the house since we set up a new litter box for her, and she even deigned to try out our cats’ litter box too, which means she is getting over the need to have to do her business in private. We have lots of adopters asking about her, and one is coming on Tuesday to see her. Many have enquired about Dusky, but either failed at the initial screening or did not bond with her when they met. Either way, for now they have each other’s companionship and lately have even begun roughhousing with Scooter.

Helga is still not eating – 4th day in a row she has been fasting. Bringing her to the vet tomorrow first thing in the morning.

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