Panda and Russ have been adopted by Wing and Gen from Boon Keng!

Russ and Panda were adopted today! Wing who is an expatriate in Singapore, is experienced with cat and kitten care, having owned cats back home, in both L.A. and Hong Kong. His schedule also permits regular fresh food feeding especially for Panda who is still learning to eat dry food on its own, and we have referred them back to Dr Dawn Chong at The Animal Clinic for his checkups and shots, since he was seen by Dr Chong when he fell ill one month ago.They also will be continuing the supplements of colostrum for Panda and probiotics for both of them.

Wing used to feed Wellness Core to his cats so they will be changing the kittens’ diet to Wellness Core. We packed some of the kittens’ current food for them to take back so they can make the change in diet for them over time. We also told them to feed Russ and Panda separately because Russ is one cat that refuses to share.

We are happy for Wing and Gen, and for the boys Panda and Russ! Looking forward to hearing their progress in their new home!

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