Patty has been adopted by Adelia

Today we had a visit from Adelia who wanted to visit Helga our sick foster cat. Adelia is a regular visitor and cuddle-provider to the cats at our foster home. Today she came with Pet Greens treats for the cats too, which Panda especially seemed to enjoy!

During our cat-cafe-style bonding with all the fosters – all the cats were running and romping around the lounge area – Adelia mentioned that she has actually been thinking for a while now to get a kitty companion for her current cat Manja.

Adelia lives on her own with Manja. Manja is 3 years of age, also a rescue. Manja is currently eating Wellness Core and has been with Adelia for since she was a kitten rescued from an MRT station near Adelia’s home.

After much interaction and thinking, Adelia fell hard in love with Patty. So Patty is now at her new home with Manja as a big sister! We have actually been searching for an adopter that already has an older cat for Patty, as Patty is a follower and needs to learn much from older cats. Adelia also noticed that Patty was the kind to get ‘bullied’ by the other cats in their play and had a soft spot for the little girl. And Adelia’s schedule permits regular canned food feeding for Patty, important since Patty is still not able to drink water or eat dry kibbles on her own yet.

Here is Patty during her time out of the pen today, she loves our couch furry cushion a lot –

And here is Adelia with Patty! –

We are so happy for Patty and for Adelia! We hope Manja approves of the little one too!

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