Questionnaire for interested adopters

There are requirements in order for a successful adoption to take place, and before we invite you to our foster home for a visit with the cats for adoption, we have a number of questions that need answers from you first, as part of our getting to know a little bit more about you, the prospective adopter.

We care about who you are because we care about the cats.

When you contact us do prepare for the following questions, and if you can furnish the answers to us upfront, it will make the initial process of the adoption much easier for us and you.

  1. Your age – you need to be above 18 years of age to sign the adoption agreement which you should read before answering this questionnaire.
  2. Your occupation. Please state also your working hours.
  3. How many other members in the household – friends and family members.
  4. Whether or not the other members in the household are in agreement with the adoption decision. If you live with family members or housemates, they should be present during the adoption visit.
  5. Who the primary caregiver of the cat will be in your household. For instance, who will be in charge of feeding all the meals, clearing the litter, paying for veterinary expenses and pet supplies, bringing the cat to the vet in cases of emergency etc. That person must be present during the adoption visit and should be the one signing the adoption agreement.
  6. Whether you have or had any cats, and other pets. Do share the history of current or previous pets. Please state if your cats are neutered and indoor-only.
  7. Your type of accomodation – flat, apartment, condo, landed.
  8. Is your house cat-safe? This means that all open windows need to be meshed or blocked, and closed windows must remain closed. Photo evidence needs to be shown of meshed windows when you visit our foster home. Read more here regarding window requirements. Also, the cat needs to be a strictly indoor cat, so access to outside is strictly prohibited, hence any access to outside the house e.g. via the main gate, fences, balconies must be blocked as well. Preparing your house to be cat-safe needs to be done prior to the visit to our foster home.
  9. If you are an overseas expatriate working in Singapore, we need to know concrete plans of what happens to the cat if you should return to your home country or go to other countries to work or study. We also need to know your residency status and length of stay in Singapore.

You can discuss your answers to these 9 questions over the phone or email – Elaine at 90880675 or

After the questionnaire is submitted to us and approved, we will set up a date and time together with you and give you our address to come visit the cats. Visits to our foster home are by appointment only.

Also do take note that our adoption fees are non-negotiable and is payable by cash upfront only. Official receipts will be issued upon payment of the adoption fees which go to our Love Kuching bank account.

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  • I work 9 to 6 pm on mondays to fridays. Sometimes I work on the saturdays too. I lived alone and long for a pet but dogs require more time.

    Is have a cat an option to me?

  • Yes definitely cats are low maintenance compared to dogs. Cats are suitable for workaholics or enjoy spending quiet time on own.

    You can consider getting an older, independent cat or two kittens that can grow up together and be companions for each other when you are not at home.

    Our adoption kittens are always trained to eat dry food on its own before being placed for adoption – which means in the day you can leave kibbles and fresh water out for them and not worry about having to feed them wet food throughout the day.

    Hope this helps.

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