three 1-day-old kittens found in dumpster in Joo Chiat

Alan who runs a shop at Joo Chiat area was having his lunch today and then heard meowing from a nearby dumpster, the big green kind. He investigated and found 3 newborn kittens inside.

The dumpster was quite empty of trash, so the abandoned kittens were easily fished out from it. They were wet, so it is likely they were just freshly born. He brought them home to nurse them and spread the word around for help. We contacted Alan just now and he brought the 3 kittens to us.

They were very much alive and actively meowing, which was a good sign. But their bodies were extremely cold. I placed a heated pillow inside their pen and we just fed them milk fortified with probiotics, a couple of drops of lysine and vitamins, and colostrum, to make up for the loss in antibodies from mother’s milk.

They are obviously abandoned by a human, and likely borne of an un-neutered female house cat in the vicinity as all the strays there have been neutered. There was no nursing female cat nearby either that could have been the mother. It is the last day of spring-cleaning season today too, so their case is very likely of abandonment.

We have penned them in a separate carrier covered with a blanket with a reheatable pillow to slowly increase their core body temperatures.

The kittens are too small to sex accurately for now. One of them is white and tabby, possibly the only female and we have named it Spring. Another has reddish tabby markings, and we have named it Netto. The last one has more black and silvery tabby markings and we have named it Spruce. We will update on their progress as they grow up, and hopefully, survive all manner of illness which attacks kittens that go without their mother’s milk. When they have been weaned and litter trained in about 3-6 weeks time they will be ready for adoption. Let’s hope they pull through.

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