updates on the rehabilitating kitties

Helga hasn’t been eating for the past two days, though she is drinking water regardless. Tried to tempt her with her favourite baby food but she still deciding to fast.

Kirin, Sapporo and Orion are getting better and better by the day! Orion no longer needs Ilium Opticin for his eyes. All are still on a course of Vibravet antibiotics. They eat and drink a lot and are very active.

Lassie not long after she arrived at our foster home started sneezing, and developed teary eyes, likely due to the sudden loss in immunity from mother’s milk. Immediately we started to apply Ilium Opticin on her eyes, grooming away the eye discharge. She recovered immediately without needing any oral medication – simply supplements of Lysinium Max and colostrum. She has learned to use the litter tray, and has learned to eat canned food on her own, though we still give her the bottle about 3-4 times a day.

Spring, Spruce and Netto are in more critical condition. Their core body temperatures are not stabilising at a normal level and they have been drinking very little at each of their 2-hourly feedings. They are still actively meowing, have peed and pooed but their appetites are not increasing and their bodies still feel cold to the touch. We have been keeping them warm by placing a reheatable pillow in their pen, covering it with a fleece blanket, and now have also placed their pen under a lamp. Their milk is also supplemented with Lysinium Max, colostrum and probiotics and we can only hope for the best with our intervention.

The healthiest kitties are the ones still available for adoption – Cassie and Dusky, both of them have built up such strong immunities that they haven’t caught the flu’ from Kirin and brothers.

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