Goma and Jin passed away today.

Jin was found suddenly dead, no signs prior to his death of Fading Kitten Syndrome. He died the same way that Chi did. No signs of respiratory distress, likely cardiac arrest.

Goma was found in respiratory distress. I performed CPR on him, and during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation heard fluid in his lungs. I cleared the fluid from his lungs (turn upside down, grab by legs and shake, same as for drowning first-aid) and he expelled clear fluids. I rushed him to the vet, and in the cab he started to stop responding well to CPR. I gave him a nebuliser in the cab, and the cab uncle started to pray for Goma too. Goma made it to the clinic still alive. The vet checked him and found that his lungs were too full of clear fluid and his heart beat faded. He died in the clinic.

Goma and Jin join Chi over the rainbow bridge. 

The vet suspects it is something viral that is affecting this litter but the cause is hard to determine. They will continue to be on quarantine and under close watch. Death may occur anytime to Snowball and Whitey, the only 2 remaining.

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