Orion is one of four kittens rescued from a pest-control company in Ubi. He is a white with black male kitten with a long black tail, now about 16 weeks old.

He is the smartest of his brothers! During his house-training, he responds to discipline well and obeys the house-rules, knowing what ‘No’ means. He is a mega purring machine, very affectionate but not overly needy – is totally cool if left on his own. He enjoys playing both alone and with other cats, and is quite close to Dusky who is also an obedient cat. We love him for being so smart and knowing what things in the house are not supposed to be toys like wires and stove tops. He is the most independent of the litter and will do well even in a single-cat household.

Dewormed, litter trained and eating Taste of the Wild.

If you are keen on adopting Orion, do see right side bar on adoption information and contact details.

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