#AdoptAPetTues: All about Sapporo, white and tabby male kitten

Sapporo is one of four kittens rescued from a pest-control company in Ubi that trapped him and other kittens, housing them in a cage together in their pesticides storage room. He had cat flu’ when he first came to us but after a course of antibiotics and medication is now totally recovered and looking for a forever home.

Sapporo is a white cat with tabby cap-and-saddle patches and a long tail with pink nose-leather. He is extremely Oriental in both looks and personality – long limbs, angular face, and loves to talk, jump around and play. He is now about 4 and half months old.

He is an extremely out-going boy who loves all cats his age and older, not so much the younger ones though he eventually gives in to younger fosters given time. He knows his name, and when scolded for breaking a house-rule, immediately stands down from doing something he shouldn’t, like play with wires. Now he knows what an indoor cat should and shouldn’t do and doesn’t play with wires or climb on the stove top anymore. And despite being often chided during his house-training he still loves us humans so unconditionally. He does however love to climb and prefers being elevated to being on the ground. Closed or meshed windows definitely needed to keep him safe!

His favourite toys are catnip mice and ball toys and cardboard boxes. He has a cute habit of chirruping when he gambols about, giving a ‘meeriaow’ squeak when he leaps up from point A to B. He is also an extremely loud purring machine, he purrs even when we scold him, or simply sit near him. He knows when not to disturb us humans like when we are on the computer, but at bed time enjoys playing with our feet under the blanket!

Being very active most of the time, the best pictures of him are taken when he is asleep or half asleep! –

We would love to have Sapporo go to a good home. Do read our adoption information (right side bar) and contact us if you would like to love Sapporo for the rest of his life in your home.

Sapporo is litter-trained, on Taste of the Wild food, dewormed.

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