Appeal for Manja, the street cat diagnosed with cancer

Manja is a stray cat who was recently found dehydrated and extremely underweight. Iva who lives in the same neighbourhood, brought Manja to the vet and she was eventually diagnosed to have intestinal cancer. Manja is now hospitalised at The Joyous Vet where she is on IV. Manja was given an x-ray during the weekend and there is fluid surrounding her abdominal area. 

Dr Jasmine Tan has advised Iva that Manja has at best 6 months left to live, much less if she were to be returned to the streets. In the meantime, she will also need treatment in the form of chemotherapy. We hope to foster Manja for her remaining days at our Love Kuching foster home. Manja will also need to go to a different vet as The Joyous Vet has limited resources to treat Manja’s cancer and I will be speaking to Dr Tan this afternoon to discuss Manja’s treatment option henceforth.

In the meantime, Iva has used whatever funds she has to pay for Manja’s veterinary bills, which so far has amounted to $350.11. Iva is appealling for kind sponsors who will be willing to help share the financial cost of Manja’s veterinary care thus far. Here are the receipts verifying Manja’s veterinary expenses to date.

To help Iva in sharing the cost of Manja’s hospitalisation and tests, here is the information on how to give. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

If you can assist, kindly send a donation to Cat Welfare Society:
Bank: DBS Current Account
Account number: 065 – 013507 – 8
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 065

This should be accompanied by an email to to inform of the transfer, headed with the title of the appeal as the subject header of the email, and indicating:

Name of donor:
Amount donated:
Transacting bank:
Transaction number:
Date and time of internet/ATM transfer:

All verified donations will be acknowledged by email. Once the required appeal amount is reached, the appeal will be closed.
Please note that any additional amounts or untraceable amounts collected will go to Cat Welfare Society’s sterilisation fund.

On behalf of Iva and Manja we thank you for your generosity. Do also spread the word so we can help Manja live out her last days in dignity.

Update: Just spoke to Dr Tan from Joyous Vet. Manja’s condition is now stable but she is not eating well. Not only is intestinal cancer confirmed, it may have spread to other organs which can only be determined by ultrasound at a hospital such as Mount Pleasant Stevens Road. Even without, at the current prognosis, chemotherapy will not be able to help Manja beat cancer. It is likely that we will not be sending Manja for chemotherapy since it will not kill the cancer and will definitely worsen her quality of life. Manja is likely to be discharged from Joyous Vet tomorrow and Iva will be bringing her to our foster home. Her next review scheduled for about 5 days after discharge, we will be bringing her to The Animal Clinic, where she will be going to from our foster home.

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