It’s #Caturday – Let’s find Kirin a forever home!

Kirin is one of four kittens rescued from a pest-control company in Ubi that trapped him and other kittens, housing them in a cage together in their pesticides storage room. He had cat flu’ when he first came to us but after a course of antibiotics and medication is now totally recovered and looking for a forever home.

Kirin is a classic tabby male kitten, 16 weeks old with a mid-length tail.

He is a super-affectionate cat that loves to cover humans with kisses, groom and knead on us. He purrs like crazy, loves tummy rubs, hugs and being kissed back. He always has an innocent face whenever we scold him for something as if he really didn’t mean to jump on the tabletops etc. when we house-train him. He bonds well with humans and cats alike.Apart from nose-kissing, his second favourite activity is running around with the other cats. He is not that much of a climber or jumper but he is full of kitten energy nonetheless! He is very handsome and extremely photogenic – if you can get him to stop kissing the camera!

Kirin is dewormed, litter-trained and on Taste of the Wild.

If you are keen on adopting Kirin, do see right side bar on adoption information and contact details.

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  • asahi says 'meow!'

    i'd try to send in pics of him soon and i hope his brothers get adopted soon 🙂

    thanks for taking care of them elaine and andy.

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