Knowing about Cat Care – your repsonsibility as an owner

Do you constantly find out more about cat care as a cat owner? We do. And we learn something new about caring for cats every day.

There is a plethora of information relating to cat care on the internet, books you can read, and vets to ask. Hence, keeping yourself up to date on cat care is an accessible task you as a cat owner can easily attain.

Even for us who are constantly in the forefront of battling feline illnesses, we still feel we need to know more and keep on learning new things. Some of you may think: ask Love Kuching folks, they would know about (insert cat care query). We are humbled that you should ask us, because we are still learning about cat care every day. For example, things we only just recently learned:

  • Syringe-feeding or using droppers to feed orphaned newborn kittens is far less preferable to bottle feeding.
  • Vitamins A, C and E have antioxidant properties.
  • Cats that are new to the indoor home will benefit from having some soil added to their litter to encourage them to use the box. 
  • A very small dismal percentage of pet cats lost are returned to their owners. Hence ID tagging is essential.
  • You only need to care for a cats’ teeth via brushing on the outside – the abrasive action the cat’s tongue has on the teeth on the interior is usually sufficient.

Even us who are supposed ‘hardcore’ cat people learn new things about cat care every day. There really is so much to learn! So do a Google search, read cat care blogs and websites often, ask your veterinarian questions. A cat owner who knows more, is able to care for cats better, giving cats everywhere a better life. 

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