Manja, now a Love Kuching cat

Manja is a street cat from Choa Chu Kang who was recently diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live.

She is now here in our Love Kuching foster home.

Initially we worried that Manja would either not want to be an indoor cat, or get stressed out by our cats or the foster cats. Likewise we also worried our own cats will reject her and stress out. So we dedicated an afternoon to integrate Manja into our home, to see if Manja decides she wants to stay with us or not. Seems like her answer is yes. Our cats hissed and growled a bit at her but have decided to let her stay too – no vicious stalking from any of them.

She is able to walk and hop up and down from sofa or cat condo to floor. But she has found her favourite corner in our foster lounge near our sofa. The foster lounge’s litter box is nearby too, which we have introduced her to. She is totally relaxing right now.

We will be fixing a follow up appointment for Manja at our vet soon. She wasn’t dispensed any medication and does not require a special diet. Gave her some sardines earlier to whet her appetite, which she took a bite of. She is about 3kg, has poor appetite, and bald patches of fur loss. She had diarrhoea and vomitting when she was hospitalised but is all better now. Will report more on her treatment regime when we bring her to the vet within the next few days.

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