Manja has been vehemently rejecting canned food. We were thinking of mixing supplements in her canned food and tried that, but she decided she would rather not eat at all. She far prefers kibbles. So far we have only been able to supplement her with vitamin Bs in tablet form.

Unfortunately now she is beginning to reject pilling too. So we have decided to syringe her liquid vitamins instead – Lysinium Max – and mix with colostrum (for immunity) and fish oil (anti-inflammatory), both useful for living easier with cancer, as well as probiotics for her digestive system. Will flavour the syringed supplements, and the appetite stimulant Periactin, with some fish-flavoured water or baby food so that she will not spit it out, as she is beginning to do with her tablets which probably taste bitter.

She has already gotten used to using the litter box but does not enjoy being out of the pen we set up for her. When taken out, she scrambles back in, even though the cage is not very big. We reckon she is more comfortable inside for now, so we won’t force her.

Hydration wise she is drinking water often enough, without coercion.

However lately she has been developing conjunctivitis – teary eyes – which when I checked with Dr Chong may be an infection of some kind. But we both agree antibiotics is out of the question with Manja’s compromised immunity and sensitive digestive system.

Right, going to try syringing Manja now! Hope it works.

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