Update on our current kittens for adoption!

Dusky, initially a bit lonely after Cassie got adopted, found new friends! Here is Dusky playing with Orion.

Meanwhile, Lassie, the confident girl now 7 weeks old, has been persistent in making friends with the others even though she is the youngest and smallest of the lot. Here is a video of her playing with Sapporo.

All three boys Kirin, Sapporo and Orion are, while always ganging up on adventures around the house, very manja and love to purr and snuggle. They purr really loudly too! Here is a clip of Orion’s super-loud purring.

And Kirin is one boy who loves to kiss and lick us. Here is Kirin nose-kissing the camera.

All of the kittens here are still available for adoption! See right side-bar for more information on adoption.

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