Adopt an Intraverted Kitten

Dusky has been with us since 20 August this year. She has been finding it hard to get adopted because she is an initially reserved kitten, who only warms up to certain people, and given time.

Orion is her current best friend, who was rescued on 7 September. Like Dusky, he is an independent boy who is affectionate when he gets to know someone, and not before.

Because both of them are not the outwardly extraverted kittens, they get passed over for adoption as adopters choose those cats who bond with them on the first visit.

We need to find Dusky and Orion homes soon. Both kittens will be going for their sterilisation operations at Clinic for Pets today at 10 am and will remain in our house for the next 2 weeks as their surgical wounds recover. During this time, we hope to give it a last try to get these two best friends adopted singly or together. Failing which, we will be releasing them as stray cats in Ubi together through a gradual ‘relocation’ process, introducing them to the feeder as well as allowing them to eat at the feeding station outside our foster home. This is for us to free up resources to allow more needy rescues to come into our foster home. As in old folks’ homes, people need to go before beds can be freed up for newcomers.

Adopting an intraverted cat means looking past the initial shyness and reserved side and seeing a gentle soul within. An intraverted cat will take some time to warm up to a human, and allowing him or her to come to you at its own will is the way to get an intraverted cat to become part of your family. We have had adopters who adopted intraverted cats before, and these cats eventually became very affectionate and loving cats at their new homes. It does of course means you bring home a cat that is not initially fawning over you or rushing to go home with you. In reality it means bringing a somewhat frightened looking thing home, and leaving him or her alone to acclimatise to your home before the purring-machines emerge.

Both Dusky and Orion are like that. While they are content to be on their own, playing among the foster cats or chilling out by themselves, they also have times in their days where they will simply come to us, purr and look for affection. Dusky likes to be stroked hard, Orion likes to sniff and kiss us and rub against us.

Having an intraverted, independent kitten also means that you will find a more obedient cat, as extraverted kittens do tend to be more naughty. Introverts listen to house rules more, and get themselves out of trouble. Extraverted cats tend to knock into things or get into places they shouldn’t and are more likely to get into accidents within the home, or take a while before listening to house rules.

Intraverted cats are also very suitable for the busy person who wants to come home and chill out rather than have a boisterous needy cat that wants to play batting games or fetch. They are also more likely to leave you alone while you eat your dinner instead of wanting to tuck into your food at the table together with you (not a good idea since much of table scraps is not healthy for cats!). Dusky and Orion never ever try to snatch at or climb the table when we are having our human dinners. They are more likely to sit at the chair adjacent to us and lounge while you eat your dinner.

If you or someone you know is currently considering adoption, do think of Dusky and Orion. They have 2 weeks left with us.

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