Adopt – Sweets the white and tabby long-tailed kitten

Sweets is totally recovered from the food poisoning that he had when was first rescued. Initially, Faith, Sweets’ rescuer, thought she was a girl but he is a boy, which accounts for the boisterous play times that Sweets the kitten really enjoys.

Sweets is not only an alert, curious, playful and mischievous kitten, he is also affectionate, enjoys lap time and purring next to you. He is now spending time with the other free-roaming kittens, Dusky, Orion and Pony and gets along well with them. He also enjoys playing with our youngest cat Sealy, who is about the same age.

Sweets is 9 weeks old, is white and tabby bicoloured, has a long skinny tail and big round eyes. He has been dewormed and is now eating Taste of the Wild dry food and Addiction Brushtail canned food fortified with lysine, vitamin Bs, colostrum and probiotics. If you would like to adopt him please read our right side bar on our Adoption Fees, Adoption Agreement and Adopters’ Questionnaire and contact us.

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