Appeal for Adopters for Ginger, Winnie and Tabby, abandoned kittens

We received an email from Ningxin of NUS Cat Cafe regarding some kittens abandoned outside her home. She has nursed them and rehabilitated them back to health and is looking for adopters for the 3 little kittens who are now 5 weeks old.

Hi Elaine

These kittens were abandoned and passed to me on 10 November and I’ve been taking care of them since. They are estimated to be 2-3 weeks old then. All three had flu’ previously and had just finished their 10-day course of antibiotic. They’re due for vet review tomorrow. I have dogs at home as well and they’ve been hanging out pretty well with them.


Colour: tabby and white
Gender: female
Personality: not as curious as the other two, prefers to hide in her box when given a chance to, quietest as well.


Colour: ginger
Gender: male
Personality: loves to explore around, initiates most of the playing


Colour: Tabby
Gender: female
Personality: likes to walk around as well, but prefer to sniff and lick as well. she’s the in-between of Winnie and Gingy.

To adopt these kittens, contact Ningxin directly at 97299323 or

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