This sweet kitten was brought to us by Bee, a feeder in the Tanjong Katong area. Bee lives in Katong, and on her way home found a box at the bus stop with Billie alone in it, mewing away and having conjunctivitis in one eye. It was past 11pm and she called us as she didn’t know who else to turn to for help with this kitten. Bee brought Billie over to our foster home.

Billie’s right eye was covered in pus and we had to use moistened swabs to clear out the discharge and let her eye breathe. We then applied Terramycin eye ointment. Billie’s eye is now much better than it was last night.

Billie is about just under or at 3 weeks old and is not able to eat on her own yet. She is being bottle-fed, with a couple of drops of Lysinium Max and colostrum to combat her flu’. She drinks quite well, and has a loud voice that she hollers with whenever she is awake. She is currently quarantined in a pen of her own with a towel over it, a hot water bottle and blanket to accompany her. She also seems to be keen on learning to use the litter box already.

We aren’t too sure if Billie is really a girl or actually a boy, and we will confirm it when it is easier to sex the kitten. For now, we hope that young Billie pulls through the loss of her mother’s milk and her flu’.

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