Helga’s remaining CRF supplies

We would like to put for sale the CRF supplies that Helga has left behind with us.

We are pricing the sale prices of these items at below the costs that you would pay at the vet, so do consider buying from us. The funds collected from the sale of these items will go back to our Veterinary Fund to help other foster cats in need of veterinary care.

If you have a cat with CRF, or know someone who does, we would very much like your support so we can recoup some of the donated funds used in the purchase of these supplies. You can also consider buying them from us to give to catteries nursing CRF cats such as Kittycare Haven. Do also help us spread the word on these items for sale.

All items are self-collect only and to purchase them please contact Elaine at elaine@lovekuchingproject.org or 90880675.

Royal Canin Renal – dry food – 2kg
1 unopened bag available
1 bag already opened (sealed) about 2/3 remaining will be given free with purchase
Original Price: $42.80 per bag
Our Price: $35

Royal Canin Renal – pouch food
Original Price: $38.55 for 1 box of 12
3 unopened boxes available
5 unopened loose pouches available
Our Prices:
1 pouch $2.90
1 box of 12 $34.65

Hills k/d canned food
20 unopened cans available
Original Price: $4
Our Price: $3.80

Sub-cutaneous fluids set
Comes with 1 bag 0.9% saline, 1 infusion set, 4 pieces 18g x 1 1/2 inch needles per set
2 sets available
Vet price: $13.55
Our price: $10

Azodyl – renal specific probiotics supplement
1 opened bottle available with 1 tablet used, kept sealed in refrigerator
Original price: $117.80
Our price: $80
Comes with 1 strip of free Fortekor tablets

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