Pony, abandoned kitten

Pony is about 3 months old, found abandoned at Guillemard 2 days ago. The caregiver there, Liyin, discovered him abandoned and brought him to us. We ascertained that Pony was indeed an ex house cat because he gets along well with everyone, is very tame, and seems to know his way around an indoor environment. Hence we decided to take him in as he would not have likely grown up on the streets and thus be less street-wise.

Pony’s breed is Oriental Longhair, meaning he is cross-Persian. He has a short tail that because of his long fur makes it look like a pony-tail, hence his name. He has Oriental bone structure, with single coated long fur most prominent on his back and tail. He has copper eyes.

He is extremely sweet-natured, has the personality of a longhaired cat indeed – ragdoll-like, quiet, can be cuddled any which way. I woke up to find him sleeping next to me, which was so sweet.

He will be dewormed today. He is healthy and can be rehomed immediately, hence he is now available for adoption. If you are keen on visiting and adopting Pony, here’s how.

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