We cuties be ready for adopt!

Ivory, Sepia and Ebony are now a-ok recovered from diarrhoea and flu’!

Abyss, the healthiest one amongst them, was adopted by Chris last Friday who followed up on Abyss’s veterinary care through their vet in Ang Mo Kio.

Meanwhile, Sepia and her brothers stayed with us to continue their recovery. They finished a course of Clavulox antibiotics but their diarrhoea persisted even while Ebony’s flu’ recovered. They were also on probiotics daily and anti-diarrhoeal medicine such as Loperamide and Kaolin. Then I put them on a herbal detox meal supplemented with Burdock, Dandelion and Kelp and so far it seems that has cleared up their diarrhoea at last! So they won’t be needing another round of antibiotics or further medication.

All three of them are active, vocal and love to run around and play. Ebony is the quietest and most obedient of them all.

Sepia, the only girl among them, is actually the biggest of the family. She is an ivory coloured ticked tabby with a mid length tail.She has mackeral stripes on the inner sides of her forelegs, like a Singapura ticked tabby.

Ivory is like his sister, only slightly smaller in size and with a long tail. Also an ivory coloured ticked tabby with mackeral stripes on the inner sides of his forelegs. He also has white paw socks.

Ebony is a black and silver ticked tabby also with a long tail. He enjoys lounging in the basket on the 3rd level of their pen.

They are now about 7 going on 8 weeks, have been dewormed and litter trained.

To visit and adopt them, see right side bar for information on adoption (or click here) – please read through our Adopters’ Questionnaire and Adoption Agreement. Contact us with the answers to the questionnaire and we can arrange for you and your family to come visit them at our foster home in Ubi!

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