Dusky is going to her new home on Sunday!

Here is Aishah with Dusky –

Dusky hasn’t allowed any stranger human to hug her in a long time. We are so happy to see this sight of the two of them bonding. Aishah holds Dusky in a very close embrace, which makes Dusky feel safe.

Dusky did spend a lot of time running away and hiding during Aishah’s visit, but while she was hiding near the refrigerator, she allowed Aishah to stroke her! Amazing! Aishah and her family is the perfect fit for Dusky. Aishah has another kitten, Butter, around Dusky’s age, scheduled for sterilisation at the end of this month, and Dusky would bond well with her – Dusky is a very cat-oriented cat, and her previous best friends – Cassie and Orion were as close to her age as Butter is now. Butter was also an intraverted cat when Aishah and family first adopted her, but opened up as she fell in love with her human family. We can so imagine them bonding as new BFFs. This family sounds like a perfect fit for Dusky!

Aishah wants to be around for the whole day when she takes Dusky home as she is the primary caregiver, especially since she knows Dusky is very shy and timid in new settings, hence she will bring her home on the weekend.

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