Cat Treats – Snack21 Herring Steaks

Recently we tried out a new cat treat since our favourite Angel’s Sashimi Salmon treats were out of stock. This one is quite a winner!

Snack21 Herring Steaks is pure dehydrated herring, no artificial additives, just like Angel’s Salmon treats. It also comes in Whiting and Salmon fish formulas, at $3.30 a packet.

We like the fact that the treat not only can be used to encourage good behaviour in our cats (and the foster cats too, can’t deny them of our cats’ stash of goodies!), it also is bigger than kibble size, which encourages chewing and thus keeping their teeth clean.

As you can see it is about twice the size of a kibble. For cats that don’t chew their kibble – some do, some don’t – adding these treats to their food will encourage them to chew.

Do remember to keep the treats safely stashed – we left it on our counter top and some cat tried to tear into the packaging! Yes, it is that yummy.

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