Forever Homes this Christmas Weekend!

Pedro will be going to his new home tomorrow! Here he is in the picture taken with Azlina’s family. They live in a house with no cats (Pedro cheers for that!) and with 3 kids to play with him all the time – Pedro will be thrilled! We are happy for the family and for Pedro darling!

Sepia and her brother Ebony both got adopted today! Valentine and his girlfriend, who will be living in Singapore long-term, were totally charmed by the crazy hyper-active antics of the brother and sister pair. Both of them have cats living with their respective families but none of their own as a couple. We are happy that both Sepia and Ebony went to a forever home together!

Pony went to his forever home today too! Farah and her hubby visited us before, and both were smitten by Pony and his easy-going ragdoll-like personality. Likewise Pony seemed to know these were his new human parents too, immediately abandoning us his foster parents and letting Farah and hubby bring him home.

All families have been reminded that the cats should not be allowed outdoor access to the streets, corridors, off from windows and balconies. We thank them for giving these rescued cats a forever home (and for answering our screening questions!) this Christmastime.

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