Ivory has been adopted!

We received a phonecall from Pascale’s family today. They are formerly from Belgium, and Pascale’s husband is running his own business in Singapore now, so they have permanently moved to our sunny island to live with their two teenage children.

Their previous cat, was quite old, so they left him back with family in Europe, and decided to adopt a cat in Singapore. The family visited us and they chose Ivory, the little cheeky Singapura-lookalike boy with white ankle socks on his fore-paws.

We asked if Ivory would have a chance to ever go to Europe! But no, the family will be living permanently in Singapore. They live in an apartment but will not be allowing window or door access to Ivory, and we have also warned them that cats with outdoor access in Singapore are in danger of being culled.

Pascale is a stay-at-home mom so she will be the primary caregiver of Ivory. We are happy for the family and for Ivory boy!

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