Our Christmas Wishlist for Love Kuching Foster Home

It’s the holiday season and some of you might be thinking generously of us at Love Kuching – thank you for your thought on behalf of the cats! Here is a wishlist of gift suggestions that would improve the work we do as well as the well-being of the cats we foster. They are little extras and frills that would make a difference in our care and work for the cats in our Love Kuching foster home.

Undercover Mouse cat toy for multiple cats – the foster cats often find our collection of toys insufficient, often turning to human things that mightn’t be ideal to play with instead. For use in the foster lounge, encouraging independent play and to keep them from getting into other kinds of mischief.

Aromatherapy diffuser, electric – we often diffuse essential oils in the foster lounge for specific ailments, such as chamomile for digestion problems or appetite stimulation, eucalyptus and clary sage for respiratory problems, lavender for aggression and insecurity. With an electric diffuser we can keep the essential oils diffused for the cats throughout day and night, also without worrying about fire hazards by using a traditional burner. Gift already on its way to us! Thank you!

Instant camera – for taking instant photographs of adopters with their adopted cat to give as a memento, as well as to pin on a board to display in our foster lounge that will encourage and inspire other prospective adopters, and remind us humans why pet adoption is so meaningful.

Classical or ambient music CDs to rotate with the Music Cats Love CD that we play in the foster lounge to provide security and calm to the foster cats. Just for extra variety and to enhance the indoor environment for the cats.

And if you would like to give practical essentials, you can consider donating food bundles via The Water Dish, or cleaning supplies: paper towels, baby wipes, bleach, disinfectant, dishwashing liquid, plastic bags – seemingly mundane things that we use a lot of in the foster home in keeping the environment clean, sanitary, comfortable and safe for the cats.

Have a great holiday season ahead!

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