TNRM at Bendemeer Road Blk 47 on Monday 27 December

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Last night we headed to Bendemeer Blk 47 where there are at least 9 stray cats needing sterilisation. We managed to trap 9 cats; 1 cat that showed up eluded the trap. The cat that eluded us was recently nearly trapped for culling, so he was very fearful of human contact and no longer allows even the feeder Juliana to touch him. There weren’t any other cats around, so we got almost the entire stray cat population at this site.

Most of the 9 cats we trapped were female, including one mother cat whose kittens have stopped needing milk, being 2 months old. (Of the 4 kittens, we checked that 2 of them are female, and Juliana will bring them for sterilisation in about 3 months’ time.)

Here are the mug shots of the 9 cats-

We will post the expense receipts for the sterilisation when we have been billed. The cats will return to the block tomorrow afternoon.

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  • I do not see the cats at Blk 47 Bendemeer Road anymore. Were they really released after sterilization?

  • Yes, the were released around noontime on Wednesday. The feeder reported that she saw 7 of them that night, and 2 likely roamed to another block.

  • There is a cat with only one eye, but it is not found anymore.

    Has it been put to sleep?

  • Nope, she was returned after neutering to the sheltered pavillion behind the block. She likely ran to another block where there are other feeders.

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