TNRM project at Bendemeer Road Blk 47

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We will be conducting a sterilisation for the stray cat colony at this site on 27 December, Monday evening at 7:30pm.

We first heard of this need at Bendemeer Blk 47 via reader Lilian, that the cat feeder has no finances to sterilise the entire colony at a go. So last night we went down to the site to do a reconnaissance and touch base with the feeder, Juliana. Unfortunately, we missed her feeding time so we couldn’t snap pictures of 5 of the cats out of the 9 unsterilised ones at this block.

One of the cats at this block is still nursing, and will only stop having to nurse her kittens when they turn 8 weeks of age, hence the sterilisation can only be done at the end of the month as the kittens are about 6 weeks old now. These are the 4 kittens. Unfortunate that we have no space to rescue them for rehoming. They hang out with their mother outside some shopfronts.

Over at another block, near a substation, we spotted another colony of unsterilised cats, feeder unknown. We may have to consider doing that area too, funds allowing aside from the logistics. Meanwhile, we will sterilise this colony at Blk 47 Bendemeer Road first this month, as we currently have just enough in our Sterilisation Fund to conduct one round of TNRM since at least 5 of these 9 cats are female.

A good thing about this site is that the cats mainly hang out in sheltered areas, so December weather should not be much of a deterrent on our trapping on the 27th. We have instructed Juliana not to feed them on the day itself – both morning and evening. Fingers crossed that we get all 9 cat sterilised!

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