Update on the Marsiling orphan kittens

They are now 2 weeks old!

Alas, Nelly died from before her eyes were opened, likely of cardiomyopathy and more as she turned blue towards the last hours before she faded and stopped drinking. We mourn that we lost her but we keep on fighting on for the other 2.

Emmy, likely a boy

Emmy is very small in size and also became quite weak. Her eyes were showing the third eye lid, she is dehydrated, and she had teary eyes yesterday to which we applied Terramycin. We have been adding glucose to their KMR milk recently alongside supplements of Lysinium Max, probiotics and colostrum to boost her blood sugar level. Emmy’s weakness has receded somewhat; suckling more now, the third eye lid beginning to abate, and we have been feeding him 2 hourly instead of 4 hourly because he drinks little each feed compared to Ally. It is still touch and go for this young one. But he remains dehydrated, so will be putting him on rehydration fluid.

Meanwhile Ally is doing well, drinking greedily, and vocal and active. She is a healthy size for her age. She has been keeping Emmy warm by cuddling up with him alongside their hot water bottle. Hooray for siblings!

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