Ally, the survivor of the Marsiling orphans, is all grown up! She has completely beat the flu’ and is a healthy, intelligent kitten now. After she recovered from the flu’, we proceeded to wean her off the bottle, deworm her, and set about litter training. No worms, and she is eating well and knows how to use the box. She has come a long way since we took her in at just 5 days old!

She also had a bout of dry skin around her leather areas – light coloured kittens tend to have skin problems when they are young – but after some skin and coat treatment – consisting of oatmeal conditioner, moisturiser, geranium essential oil aromatherapy, fish oil and antioxidants supplements – her skin is now healthy.

She is now penned with the 5 Chervois Road kittens in a bigger pen where she can climb, explore and socialise.

Here are some pictures of Ally today, looking so much better than before:

Super big eyes!

Her silver shading, most prominent on tail

Her dry skin on her face has healed

Active and loves to explore

Ally is currently on a diet of moistened (with warm water) kibbles of Solid Gold Indigo Moon, mixed with Addiction Brushtail canned food which she really enjoys. She knows how to lap milk on her own but she can do without it. She is unable to eat dry kibble as is for now, only if moistened for easier chewing. She also knows how to lap water from a bowl.

Ally is good with humans and cats of all ages. We are looking for a home for her – if you are interested to adopt Ally, please look at the right side bar for information on contacting us to discuss the Adopters’ Questionnaire, peruse the Adoption Agreement and how to plan a visit to our foster home. Adoption fees for 2011 remain the same as 2010, for Ally it is at $35.

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