Chevy, Cate, Cruiser and Cookie, rescued from Chervois Road, are ready for new homes! The siblings are now 7 weeks old.

They were nursing a bout of diarrhoea since last week, but are now a-okay after supplementing them with probiotics, medication of loperamide (anti-diarrhoeal) and mylanta (antacid), and herbal remedy of slippery elm bark which aids the digestive system. We had been checking their poo daily to see if they got better, and yesterday nice firm poo has confirmed they are now recovered. They all got a shower today to wash off any anal soiling. Here they are, smelling clean and fresh!

Chevy –

Chevy is a white with black boy with a long tail. We love his cute black nose and chin. He is a kitty that likes to chill out and relax, cuddled next to you, and is very easy-going and quiet. He is closest friends with Cate.

Cate –

Cate has an extremely adorable facial beauty mark, much like our second oldest cat Sayang (shown above on our header banner). She has a mid-length tail and is white with black like her brother and best friend Chevy. She is a confident girl who loves to explore, quiet and easy-going like Chevy, intelligent, and friendly.

Cruiser –

Cruiser is a white with tabby boy who has a long tail. He has the look of adorable mischief, but is actually very sweet. He loves to talk, cuddle, play and relax next to you. We love how he meows at us for attention and then when we talk back to him he continues the conversation like he has lots to say!

Cookie –

Cookie is the leader of her family, always the first to learn new things and to initiate play time. She also likes to talk but is more independent than Cruiser. She is white with tabby, and has a mid-length tail with a kink. She is also obedient, and apart from play time, she enjoys cuddling with humans too.

All of the kittens are now able to eat dry food – Solid Gold Indigo Moon kibbles – and drink water on their own from a bowl. They are also given canned food – Addiction Brushtail – daily.

We would love for wonderful families to give these kittens, either singly or with a sibling, a loving forever home. If you are keen on adopting any of them, please contact us to discuss the adoption and visit. See right side bar for more information.

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