Gin and Mae looking for new homes!

Here are Chevy and Cate‘s younger pen mates and good friends, all ready for new homes! Gin and Mae the sibling pair rescued from a drain with debris in Guillemard, are now 6 weeks old, healthy and socialised.

They are litter-trained, able to eat kibbles on their own – they are on Solid Gold Indigo Moon just like Chevy and Cate. They play well with one another, have gone through their 4- and 6-week old deworming regime, and have become very sociable towards humans.

Gin is a semi-longhaired i.e. cross-Persian silver tabby with a bob tail. He is very playful, loves attention, is talkative, greedy, and can be a bit stubborn too!

He needs to be groomed more often than his litter mates, since he has Persian bloodline, so we brush him regularly to reduce matts as he tends to get his facial and neck fur wet when he drinks water.

Mae is a double-coated kitten, has huge round eyes (a bit like Ally!) and she is more obedient than her brother. She is a torbie cat with a bob tail.

If you are keen on adopting Gin, Mae, Chevy or Cate, do see right side bar on adoption information, our mini questionnaire and how to contact us.

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