If an adopter breaches our Adoption Agreement

We refer to term 7 of our Adoption Agreement, that

7. Breach. I acknowledge and agree that in the event of any breach of the above terms and conditions, Love Kuching Project by The Water Dish shall have the right, at its discretion, to confiscate the Pet from me, report the breach to the relevant authorities or take further legal action.

Today we are exercising this right to confiscate a pet that has been re-homed, our dearest Ally. Her adopter, Manpreet, breached the terms of animal welfare and transfer of ownership without our knowledge.

What happened was that Abyss’s adopter Chris contacted us when he saw that we posted on our blog about Manpreet and Chris being friends, and that Chris had recommended Manpreet to adopt from us. Chris called us to tell us that actually they are merely acquaintances and that Manpreet’s previous dog, did not pass away, but was abandoned. He also found out that Manpreet’s mother had forced Ally to be abandoned below their block and adamantly refused to allow her back in the house. This constitutes as a breach of the agreement to provide for the animal’s welfare – term 2 of our Adoption Agreement. Manpreet then got Chris to help out, and Chris’s friend Shawn offered to foster Ally till the disagreement between Manpreet and his mother was ironed out. We did not know about this till Chris informed us. Term 4 of our Adoption Agreement states that transfer of ownership has to be communicated to Love Kuching – so this is another breach. To worsen things, Chris told us that Manpreet has not once called Shawn to enquire about Ally’s welfare or to discuss taking her back home.

So we are going to take Ally back into our custody.

It turns out that in the course of fostering Ally, Shawn found out Ally’s story through our blog – about how she was abandoned as a 5 day old baby, nursed through her flu’, suffered the deaths of her siblings, and grown up to be a healthy, independent kitten she now is. Shawn has become attached to Ally and is hoping to give her the forever home Ally truly deserves. So we are inviting Shawn to bring Ally to our foster home where we will discuss and officiate the adoption of Ally by Shawn. Both of them will be coming over to ours this evening.

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  • This is horrible! Especially as Ally is such a lovely lovely little kitten – so friendly and playful when we came by last weekend to adopt Cherie (now renamed Girl Friday). I hope she finds a better home soon!

    Speaking of which – Cherie/Girl Friday is settling in quite nicely. She spends all day chatting at us, prodding for caresses and chasing the tail of her playmate kitten. We still have some problems with runny poo, but we took her to the vet last Friday for worming and were given some kaolin, which has been helping.

    I will email you pics later this week!


  • Hi Chi! Hugs for Girl Friday! We look forward to seeing her pics! You can also upload it on our website (www.lovekuchingproject.org) directly under Adopters' Updates.

    Kaolin is good for diarrhoea too. Glad to know that Girl Friday's runny poo has also cleared up. Our Sealy has runny poo too and he went to the vet today, but doctor said his diarrhoea is the kind that resists medication (it really has, tried everything) and will clear up on its own after a couple months. Girl Friday's siblings don't have that kind of diarrhoea so its not the same kind that Sealy has – so I doubt Girl Friday's diarrhoea will return or persist as her siblings all have nice firm poo now.

    Ally was rehomed the same day to the couple that fostered her during the abandonment. We are waiting on them for pics of her in her current home to do a blog post on the happy ending to this turn of events.

    Thanks for checking back on us and the rescues!

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